Meet Polly and Molly. 

   Polly Amorous, a burlesque performer, lives in Brooklyn. True to her name, she lives a wild, hypersexual life. Molly Morris’s life, however, is mild by comparison; she runs a café in Oakland and lives in a monogamous lesbian relationship. But—happiness eludes both women. Polly keeps taking the wrong men to bed. Meanwhile, Molly’s wife wants to get pregnant…but Molly is repulsed by the idea. 

   Though these women are strangers to one-another, their destinies are inextricably linked. This bizarre story takes place somewhere on the frontier between porno-land and the real world. As you read The Vagina, you’ll experience tears of laughter, tears of sorrow, and an assortment of other bodily fluids as well.

Dramatis Personae:

Polly Amorous. The toast of the burlesque renaissance.






Molly M. Morris. As beautifully butch as can be.






Lupe. Molly’s wife, married legally after ten years of domestic partnership.






Stephen. Music journalist and aspiring novelist from the U.K.






Nelson. Burlesque super-fan and music industry insider.






Valentino. Master of ceremonies and boy-lesque artiste.






Teddy. Stephen’s friend and confidant.






Originally serialized in the French magazine Aaargh! Published as an album in France by La Boîte à Bulles.

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